Auto Repair Services in Yonkers, Manhattan and The Bronx

Our Auto Repair Services:

Here at Blulift Automotive, we strive to keep your vehicle running properly at all times.

We offer a range of services that are carried out by our certified technicians who have years of experience performing everything from oil changes to the most extensive automotive repairs such as complex engine service and transmission overhaul. In addition, we use genuine quality replacement parts and components.

Is your engine and/or ABS light on? No problem. It simply means your vehicle has detected a problem that can affect the fuel economy, emission and anti-lock brake system. At Blulift Automotive our certified technicians will retrieve the designated malfunction code with our specialized OBDII scanner on your vehicle on board computer which will accurately identify, troubleshoot and restore your diagnostic option according to manufacture specifications.

Auto Glass

Blulift Automotive specialists restore or replace the windshield or any other glass component on your car, truck or SUV...

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Auto Maintenance and Inspection

Regular maintenance and inspection lengthens the lifespan of your vehicle and keeps it running at peak performance.

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Brake Services

Blulift Automotive makes automotive safety our top priority and offers dependable brake repair, parts and installation for protection and peace of mind.

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Transmission Repair

Each component that makes up the transmission system on any car, truck or SUV must be kept in good condition in order for your vehicle to function properly.

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Tire Services

At the core of the suspension system, the tires on any vehicle are the driving force behind safe steering and efficient braking.

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Engine Repair

Even just a small malfunction can trigger the check engine light to signal a glitch in the system. Diagnosing an engine problem requires the skill and experience of a qualified mechanic.

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Exhaust Repair

The exhaust system in your vehicle helps monitor, filter and protect your engine. Ignore any complications having to do with your car’s exhaust system, has lead to many problems...

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Oil Change

The oil in your car is similar to the blood in your veins – it keeps all moving parts running smoothly. Regular oil changes are essential to the basic maintenance plan of any vehicle.

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Radiator Repair and Inspection

The radiator in your vehicle keeps the engine cool and safeguards it against overheating.

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Tire Rotation and Alignment

Wheel alignment is an important automotive maintenance procedure that is often overlooked or dismissed despite its many cost effective benefits.

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NY State Inspections

Here at Blulift Automotive, we are proud to be a fully certified shop that provides DMV-licensed safety inspections.

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